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Tommy Castro, Bluefish and Terry Lee Poole Coach House,
November 17, 2001 By Craig Hammons

Lord have mercy. The blues were alive and well tonight. The evening started off with New Orleans guitar-slinger
Terry Lee Poole. It was a pleasant surprise the see this blues man back on stage again. He is on the
road promoting his dynamic new BlueBone Records CD "Eat You Alive" a tasty mixture of heavy blues and R & B
(see CD review). He opened with the title track, a down-south blues tune with a voodoo feel to it. Terry Lee's
blistering leads make you think this boy may have been to the Crossroads and sold his soul to the devil. He then
went into a classic track, "Shoe Shine Boy", from his 1991 debut. This is a blues shuffle that gets down and funky.
"Down in New Orleans" was next, a soulful pure blues tune that lets Terry Lee play some clean and crisp riffs.
Terry Lee Poole plays some electrifying blues. Ever since his older sister gave him a copy of the first Hendrix
album, he knew he had to play the blues. Terry Lee Poole is true to his roots and influences. He ended the show
with Hendrix' "Third Stone from then Sun", a nod to the man who changed his life. The live show is one not to be
missed. Be sure to pick up "Eat You Alive" at Hearzmusic. com or A cold one, some Gumbo and
Terry Lee Poole will make you whole again.
Next up was Bluefish. A bunch of great musicians with a mixed bag of tunes. I didn't know if they wanted to
plays blues, rock or be pop stars. Don't get me wrong, they did play a awesome version of "Red House" where the
lead guitar player just went off. They also did a version of "Black Magic Women" that rocked hard. The lead guitar
solos were on fire while the drummer sounded like a whole tribe of percussion players ready to march off to war.
Once Bluefish decides which direction they want to focus on they will be at the top of their game.
Good God almighty was it now time for Tommy Castro. This cat has got the chops, style and talent of a
man with a mission. I am here to testify that Tommy Castro will be playing the blues until he can't get out of his
rocker or they put him in a pine box. Tommy is primed and ready to carry the
blues torch for the next blues generation to come. He just got off the road with BB
King and Buddy Guy and I bet he gave them a run for their money. He opened
with "Right as Rain" off his third CD. A great warmup tune that lets the band bust
out and get ready to rumble. He is touring in support of his new CD "Guilty of
Love", on 33rd Street Records. Tommy and the boys were on tonight. He could
steal the show alone with his playing but instead lets his interaction between him,
the audience and the band drive the show. Tommy has got a great rapport with
the audience. He wants everyone to have a good time, and believe me they do.
Once you see this man and his band of red hot musicians you'll consider yourself
lucky and never want to miss a show again. Tommy played his roadhouse
rockers like "Shakin the Hard Times Loose" off the new CD and my favorite, "Can
Keep a Good Man Down". Talk about getting close with the audience! He was
walking out on the table tops to take his solos. He works the stage like he wants
to get to know everyone. Tommy and his band even got this conservative Orange
County crowd out of the their seats and shaking their suitcase. These
barnstormers didn't let us down. After two hours of blistering blues they came for
their encore with a get down and dirty version of James Brown's "Sex Machine". The whole audience was getting it
on the good foot. Tommy has got the best band a brother in blues could ask for, Randy McDonald the finger
thumping bass man, Billy Lee Lewis always pounding drummer and the mighty sax man Keith Crossman. Tommy
and the boys play with the intent to touch our hearts and soul with a dose of good-time blues. They succeed well
beyond their best intentions. We all really let the good times roll tonight.

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