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BLUEFISH show pix!!!!
Please be patient while down loading. There are quite a few pix here.

JoAnne and Lisa party at Rogers Benifit!


Ryan and Cameron Hager and friend at Rogers benifit!

Steve and Rob.

Michelle from REMO and Roger at NAMM 2003 in L.A.

Roger at the Galaxy...

Rockin at the Galaxy Theater....

Steve at the Ride for the Boys and Girls Club of OC.

Kenn at the Galaxy benefit.

Rob at the CA Grill...

Rob And Kenn at the benefit.

Kenn and Rob with Foghat.

Girls, girls, girls.......

Roger at the Cycle Run in O.C.

Crowd Parties to BLUEFISH at Playboy! 2005

Walking up Hef's front yard! 2005

Roger going for yet another jalapeno...ouchhh..

The Girls at a Bluefish Party!

Roger, Duane and Ray

Roger and his giant drum kit...

Girls in the Grotto at Hef's House BLUEFISH 2005

blah, blah, blah.....

The Torts at The Playboy Mansion

Roger at Pounding on his Birthday at Pounders...

Bunnys meeting BLUEFISH/Invicta Guests. 2005

Kenn and Steve.

Our good friend Dante with Rob.

Our favorite Playmate! 2005

Rob Rippin!!!!!!

Drummer n Kat....

Special "Thanks" to Allen Marks for the pix. Click on "More Fish Pix" for more.