Playboy Mansion 2006
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BLUEFISH at the Playboy Mansion 2006 Invicta Party

Kenn with lovely playmates with only some paint on.

Rob signing at the Invicta Party at Playboy
Mike poundin the skins!

Not the Playmates...The Drums...

Steve on stage at Playboy
Crowd Parties with BLUEFISH!

Ain't No Party!!!

Brad with a couple of the Hef's Girls
You can never get enough of the painted Playmates
Playmates just hanging out partying to the band
Kenn and Steve
Mike and Karen at the Invicta/Rodnick Vodka after party
Mob at the stage during break
Playmates on the stage during break
Kenn with Playmates at the stage
Slutty dancing to the band at the side of the stage

Special Thanks to Kathy Ellis for the great pics....Check back for more later