Latest Bluefish Pics 07
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Here are some of the last pics of BF & Friends

If you have any to add,please e-mail to


"BOB" photo taken at Kenn's going away party at Alohas

Sugaray and Kane at final BLUEFISH party at Joanne's
The crowd is Stunned
Drummer salute to Roger Ellis
Bluefish with Kane on drums- Pala Mesa Resort
Must have been a hard gig!!!
Steve and Kenn

Quit screamin' at me!!!!

With Al at Texas Loosey's
Wendi & Lauren
In the Studio for the final recordings
Our engineers Larry & Bob

These guys are kinda scary looking but they do great things with sound!!

Karla and Will Shakespeare

Yes, that's his real name!!

The Tort's at the 1st Playboy Mansion gig.