Friends of BLUEFISH
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Markey Mark and Rich....
BLUEFISH show/party at Aloha j's


Phil and Kelly...
Getting ready to pay BLUEFISH after a BLUEFISH show/party at Pounder's.

Phillip, Angie and Rob.
At the Edgar Winter Show at the Galaxy Theater.

Don, Kim and Deb
Getting ready to tear up another Huge Tab that BLUEFISH ran up at The Corner Pocketduring a BLUEFISH show/party.

Forced to work hard because of all the BLUEFISH Fans drinking at a BLUEFISH show/party at Mille Luce.

Kenn, Henry and Steve....
Screwing around waiting for Pasquale to make more drinks.

Phillip, Kim, Steve and Angie..
Preparing to board the Porno Bus....